Yes, I’m beautiful!

The mirror says ‘beautiful’ – she shies away
Ignores all the praises that sound unreal
Until a clear, sure and loud voice echoes through her mind
She believes none but one & says ‘yes I’m beautiful’


Image: Pencil sketch by Yogini


Wish upon a star

Hand in hand we walk for miles
With talks laughs and secret smiles
Guiding our path through the hazy mist
Softly blows the cool breeze
Green misty and peaceful
Dreamlike and beautiful
There’s a perfect spot
Our eyes have caught
Straight out of the storybook
There’s this babbling brook
We sit by its gurgling water
And continue our chatter
You toss a pebble or two
I keep looking at you
You smile at me lovingly
And plant a gentle kiss
Shimmering in the silver moonlight
The night is a complete delight
We dip our toes in the sparkling waters
Being with you here is all that matters
Sitting cozy, wrapped in your arm
Glowing softly in your love so warm
Wondering whether it’s a dream
I look at your eyes, as they gleam
I close my eyes and
Remember an old dream
I smile and snuggle
As the wish comes true


Image courtesy: – Thank you 🙂

When Reality Hits

It’s Harsh – ‘coz it’s The Reality

It’s Brutal – ‘coz it’s The Truth

It’s Blunt – ‘coz it’s Fearless

It’s Not Sojourn, It Doesn’t Care!

A Cruel Whiplash – Hard-hitting and Upfront

A Strike of Thunderbolt – Instant Destruction

A Naked Flame – Burns You to Ashes

Denial Is Not An Option – When Reality Hits!

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Stay alive!

They say it’s darkest

Just before the dawn

What they don’t say is

The night will be long

I hear distant voices

Nothing do I see

Soft halos and hushed noises

Buzzing in a playful spree

You need not fear the dark

For it’ll lead you to light

To bask in the sunshine

You need to survive this dark night


Image: By Yogini. Hand silhouette (only) courtesy Google images.

Sun Shine On A Rainy Day

I wait for the rain everyday

Praying day and night

For the skies to break open

And pour down with its might

I sit on my wall, waiting

Humming and singing

My heart skips a beat when

I hear the first rain falling

I jump, I thump, I fall

I hop; I skip, I sing in joy

I’m happy & insane

When I walk under the rain

Soaking in the pouring rain

I stop and catch my breath

And gasp at the golden hue

Sprinkled on the greens n blues

I glide, I swing & I fly

I jump up to touch the sky

With the trees & grass I sway

When the sun shines on a rainy day


Image Editing – By Yogini. Silhouette and background – courtesy Google images.

Lost faiths…

Lost hopes, lost dreams
Lost all the loved ones
Sitting by the grave…
No prayer on lips
But a dead flower in hand
Cracked mud beneath the feet
Bloodied cloths, torn shoes
Dried tears on scarred cheeks
Starved body, empty eyes…
Staring into nothingness
Brutal yesterday, cruel today
Snatched away his happiness
Once was safe in mother’s arms
Sitting by her grave today
“Why do people fight ma? Why do they kill?”
“Peace will come son, don’t be scared”
“I fear ma, I am scared”
“Have faith my child, don’t give up the hope”
Bygone is the caring voice
Familiar sounds replacing it
Sounds of guns & explosions
Sounds of war everywhere
Took away a father yesterday
Deprived a baby of its mother’s being
Shook a 7-year olds world today
Crashing everything on its way down
Leaving him with nothing but lost faith!!

©Yogini Patil, Published on

Rest in Peace, little ones!

You’re the innocent smiles
You’re the purest love
You’re the shining stars
On dark cloudy nights

You’re the beautiful flowers
You’re the rainbow of happiness
You’re the spring blossom
You’re the moonlit sky

We’re sorry for what happened to you
We’re sorry you faced the hurt & pain
We pray to God to keep you safe
Give all the love & care you deserve

Rest in arms of loving angels
Rest in peace, little ones!!

For the innocent lives lost - Sandy Hook Elementary School, 12-14-12


Baat yeh nahi ke hum kitne roothe hai
Baat yeh hai ke aapne kitna manaya hai?
Baat yeh nahi ke humne kitna yaad kiya
Baat yeh hai ke aapne kitna bhula diya?
Baat yeh nahi ke hum kitna roye hai
Baat yeh hai ke aap kitna muskuraye ho?
Baat yeh nahi ke hum kitne toote hai
Baat yeh hai ke aapne kitna sambhala hai?
Baat yeh nahi ke hum kitne bikhre hai
Baat yeh hai ke aapne kitna savara hai?
Aaj baat hamari nahi…. Aaj baat toh aapki hai ….!!

In rememberance of Goldy

11th March 2008
I came back from work at about 1130 pm. As soon as i turned on the lights & looked around the room, my stare just got fixed on my fish-bowl. I just couldnt believe what i was seeing, Goldy was upside-down & floating motionless!! That sight of Goldy was so aweful, I felt sudden pain & guilt.
It was so painful to see Goldy dead… it meant she’ll never swim around in my fish-bowl.. it meant i wont see her ever again.. it meant she was gone forever.. it meant Tango had lost his partner – forever –  A loss just irreplacable !! Just couldnt help thinking, if am so hurt and disturbed, what Tango must be going thru’?? So what if Tango is a fish, the feeling of loss of partner’s life would still be the same for Tango as well right?
Guilt feeling came over because that morning I was running late for my classes & dint even glanced at Goldy, had i known that’s the last sight of Goldy – live n moving about, i would have spent a little more time with her… Its so sad that we only realize certain things after there’s absolutely no scope of undoing it!! Goldy was my first pet fish, maybe it just happened all of a sudden & just caught me unexpectedly so i felt the pain more, it was rather an unbearable pain.. I just couldnt see Goldy like that! Rups n me burried Goldy, placed a flower upon, not a single minute went that night without thinking about how did it happen? when did it happen? how lonely Tango must be now n so many other questiones which will always remain unanswered!
Goldy was just a pet, just another living creature in house, isnt that true..? So why does it hurt so much? Why did i cry? I think its because loss of life – is loss of life.. the pain is universal, the sadness is universal.. no matter who’s dead — its a death after all!! This feeling was very awkward, very insecured, very uncomfortable.. thought i just came face-to-face with the "life-n-death" fact of life! How momentary life could be? Just before i left house that morning Goldy was merrily swimming around in her territory, & how, when & what could have happened in those 15 hours?? What Goldy must have felt when she was just a minute away from her death, what Tango must have been through when he saw Goldy – dying, dying n dead?? Cant even imagine what those poor animals must have gone thru’!! Tango must have been so helpless, he couldnt even have asked for help, even if wanted to ask — whom to ask n how to??
God!! That feels so sad, so terrible, so hurt!! Till date couldnt stop thinking over these questions, which i know will always remain unanswered.
Will miss Goldy very much… my sweet friends joined me in praying for Goldy.. Goldy I will miss you so much, Tango will miss you too, though i can never hear him or see him crying or missing you, but yes with all of us he’s missing you too!! But the 11months when you were here we all had so much of fun, will cherish those moments always.. We all love you Goldy… You are here, with us — forever!
May Goldy’s soul rest in peace!! Amen !!