How’d you like to be in Nirvana?

Buddhism explains Nirvana as ‘a state of bliss or peace and this state may be experienced in life, or it may be entered into at death.’

There comes a point in everyone’s life when it all just seems to be over. The relations that you blindly trusted on seem to have been fooling you. People you loved seem to have never loved you. People you respected seem to have never cared about you. The dreams that you had been running after seem to be meaningless. The hopes that you had for tomorrow seem to be hopeless. It seems that you have been left all alone…alone in the entire world. Nothing seems to be right, nothing seems to matter, no one seems to be bothered, and no one seems to be worried…hopes get faded, emotions become immune, feelings do not matter, and tears get dried. You feel nothing, your heart doesn’t ache…and then you finally realize no feeling, no emotion is left in you…can a human survive without emotions? What is it like to live without emotions?

What helps you at this point? You cannot count on your people; they don’t seem to be bothered. You cannot count on friends, they seem to be distanced. Think for yourself…what keeps you going? Only you can help yourself. At this point, no external entity can come to your rescue. You have to be your own savior. Help yourself from drowning. Help yourself to regain what you have lost – trust, faith, love, confidence, hopes, dreams, self-respect…the list is too long. Sit back and close your eyes…think for yourself – nobody is going to think for you. Question yourself – you know them better. Find the answers within you – no one’s going to answer them for you. Then break free – break free from past…break free from false hopes…free your spirits…free your mind…free your soul…rise up higher…higher than the last time. And once again play… play along with life!! Life – a vicious circle, indefinite, uncertain, ambiguous…you know it all. No escape till you live!! So just play along… Forget everything and just play…  play it loud..!! Play it ‘yourself’, play it ‘for’ yourself! Break free from everything and play it loud – that’s the key to existence…attain the eternal blissful state of Nirvana – while you continue to live in this world – the mirage – should I say the illusion of Nirvana?