Let the countdown begin!

Before its time to say adieu 2014, a quick recap of how I lived it 🙂
Traveled to some beautiful places
Read some awesome books


Started and discontinued fitness regime 😦


Met some new people (and a lots on WP, thank you!)

new people

New Pppl

Loved, and got loved
my babies
Fell in love all over again


Got bitten by the creative bug


Reconnected with some old friends


Started and discontinued fitness regime (again) 😦 (>_<)


Missed some dear ones


Got little better at cooking
Thanks to every single one of you for being a part of it and making it awesome!!


Looking forward to read more, travel more, live, love and laugh more in 2015 🙂 🙂 🙂

I ♥ to doodle-doodle :D

Doodle #4

Doodle Day: Wednesday

Yes, a hump day and therefore a doodle 😀

Little story: She loves colors, she loves books. She travels and she doodles.

Image: Yogini

Travel doodle

Wish upon a star

Hand in hand we walk for miles
With talks laughs and secret smiles
Guiding our path through the hazy mist
Softly blows the cool breeze
Green misty and peaceful
Dreamlike and beautiful
There’s a perfect spot
Our eyes have caught
Straight out of the storybook
There’s this babbling brook
We sit by its gurgling water
And continue our chatter
You toss a pebble or two
I keep looking at you
You smile at me lovingly
And plant a gentle kiss
Shimmering in the silver moonlight
The night is a complete delight
We dip our toes in the sparkling waters
Being with you here is all that matters
Sitting cozy, wrapped in your arm
Glowing softly in your love so warm
Wondering whether it’s a dream
I look at your eyes, as they gleam
I close my eyes and
Remember an old dream
I smile and snuggle
As the wish comes true


Image courtesy: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Watching-the-stars-71569927 – Thank you 🙂

The Love-hate relationship

Damn! My elbow pushed the glass of water kept on the desk & tumbled over the sheets spread across. The sheets were the sketches I had prepared after Titanic efforts and then, there I was holding the dripping sheets with a mix of emotions – irritation, anger, anxiety, tension, hopelessness…Darn!  I hate water!!

Buried neck deep in work for long hours, running around all day, pushing & making my way through the crowd at Metro & finally being home after a long-long journey. The first thing I do? Needless to say, help myself with a glass of water – feels like heaven, soothing the parched throat…. Ah! I love water!!

Hmm… so it boils down to the fact that I have an everlasting love-hate relationship with the Oxygen & Hydrogen atoms.


The divine smell of wet soil with the first rain of the year, a long walk in the light drizzle, a cool sip after a spicy bite.The beaches, rivers & cascades. The hot shower in chilly winters & cold in burning summers. The rain drops & ripples in the puddles. The artistic dew drops on glass blades …things like this and I’m insanely in love with Water.

Now for the hate-story :

I’m on my way for something important & it rains… it not only ruins my hair, clothes & every damn thing in my bag but also my day. When there’s no water in the faucet – can’t tell you how irritating it gets. It rains day & night – messing up the roads, the transport systems, etc. The zigzag rain deprives the laundry to be hung on the clothesline outside. And the moist & damp weather restrains them from drying inside the house. Oh there’s more – in case your denims get drenched, you get to use them again only when the rain subsides. The time it takes to dry is directly proportional to the damp stink it accumulates.

Nevertheless, I enjoy this love-hate relationship. It adds variety to the otherwise dry life. And why wouldn’t it? Water – it’s the very essence of life.

Next time it rains – remember when the sunlight pierces the raindrop, look up above & follow the rainbow – you may find the pot of gold at the end of it! You never know.


Love beyond the senses…

When it is all feelings that matter,
A love never spoken, but seen in someone’s eyes.
Away from a touch, a sight and a thought,
Somewhere deep in the deepest of heart.
...Its way beyond the worldly pleasures
material world doesn't matter at all!

When your picture shined in their twinkling eyes
And the presence you felt in their absence around
A love far more than your eyes can ever see.
...Its way beyond...

You give up all that you proudly own
Without even a hint of regret.
Just to fulfill their incomplete dreams.
A love far more than your mind can think
....Its way beyond...

You are not alone in the loneliest of paths.
When you feel bright in the darkest of hours.
A disguised feeling keeps you safe and warm.
A love far more than your skin can feel.
...Its way beyond...

Yet, sometimes a sob through the dark nights
When you try to remember their voice
And a heart that twitches when you
Touch the photo by your bedside
And the time warps to the long
Gone days of your togetherness
A faint smile that crosses your lips.
As a tear rolls down, and then....
Then...you breathe their presence.
And you feel them much beyond the senses...
You feel the love somewhere
deep in the deepest of your heart!
...Its way beyond the worldly pleasures
the material world doesn't matter at all!
Watched this movie 'Up'. Absolutely loved it, the poem happened after I watched the

Vicious Love…

She stood by the bonfire, on the chilly winter night. She called him once, she called him twice. But he didn’t bother to respond. Because he was busy with his girl & his friends. He looked at her, & turned his face away. She meant nothing to him, not even a friend! He behaved as if he never heard her, although both were well aware of the negligible distance between them. Very conveniently he chose to ignore her. She thought he may have not heard her, or rather she convinced herself so. She wasn’t the first girl he’d ignored, & she knew that too well. This wasn’t the first time he’d ignored her, & this certainly wasn’t the first time she’d felt hurt. Yet she let him do that over & over & over again. She so wished she’d vanish into the thin air, rather than standing there in front of him. She was at work, he walked through the entire floor, spoke to every possible person, but her. He chose to ignore her presence, yet again. There are many ways to hurt someone without saying a word, without a single action…. he’d mastered them all!

It didn’t matter anything to him. He didn’t once think what she’s going through, how hurt is she feeling. It just didn’t matter him. He only turns a blind eye towards the warm tear which rolled down her cold cheek & was soon lost. He only turns a deaf ear towards the clashing sound of her heart which was broken into thousands of tiny pieces!! Does she still love him in spite of all those hurts & pains? Does she still feel the same way? She’s hurt. She’s sad. She feels a stabbing pain, which is totally unbearable. A promise to herself – he’s out of my life today, a promise to herself – she’d never let anyone hurt her anymore. She prays to God to give her all the strength so that she’d come over it. Every sleepless night she can’t help herself but think about him. Every single second when her mind is unoccupied she struggles so hard to push his thoughts aside. Every dream dreamt she can’t forget his face. A familiar voice in the crowd & she turns her head, wishing unknowingly, for him to be there. A tiny thought of him & she fights her tears back bravely. The disturbing feeling – that she has lost him forever, a huge fear that – she’d never see him again, a fact that – he has scooped her out of his life, she struggles with all her strength to smile, to breathe, to live, to survive! She gathers up the infinite tiny pieces of her shattered heart, puts them together, only to realize – every bit her crushed heart, still loves him…!!


We Make Them Cry Who Care For Us,
We Cry For Those Who Never Care For Us,
We Care For Those Who Will Never Cry For Us,

This Is The Truth…. Its Strange But True….


Christmas Magic

It was a night before Christmas, dark and cold
I sat all by myself, sobbing n wondering
wondering why did i trust him…?
My phone rang, his name flashing on the screen 
We werent talking to each other
from quiet sometime – the same old misunderstanding
He was at work, still
We spoke for about an hour
I wasnt willing to understand anything atall
And he wasnt ready to give up on me
He had a hard time convincing me
But finally he did .. !!
I blushed at his flirtatious comments
And laughed at his stupid jokes
There! he knows exactly
what to do when am angry..
and bring back a smile on my face.
Yes! Christmas magic works
yes! Christmas brings happiness
I got my gift – i got him back
back in my life – life looks b’ful now
I dont know whether Santa is a myth or true
But for me its none other than YOU !!
~ A very sweet christmas for me 🙂 . . . Thanx !!