I ♥ to doodle-doodle :D

Doodle #4

Doodle Day: Wednesday

Yes, a hump day and therefore a doodle 😀

Little story: She loves colors, she loves books. She travels and she doodles.

Image: Yogini

Travel doodle


I ♥ to doodle-doodle :D

Doodle #2

Doodle Day: Tuesday

OK! Its only Tuesday and I have started craving for the weekend (which I had thoroughly enjoyed only 2 days ago) So here, I sit and doodle about that extra day in weekend which could have added that ‘little-extra-happiness’ to my weekdays. I know, weekends / long weekends / holidays are never enough. Nevertheless, who’s to stop me from doodling & dreaming about it? :p