Let the countdown begin!

Before its time to say adieu 2014, a quick recap of how I lived it 🙂
Traveled to some beautiful places
Read some awesome books


Started and discontinued fitness regime 😦


Met some new people (and a lots on WP, thank you!)

new people

New Pppl

Loved, and got loved
my babies
Fell in love all over again


Got bitten by the creative bug


Reconnected with some old friends


Started and discontinued fitness regime (again) 😦 (>_<)


Missed some dear ones


Got little better at cooking
Thanks to every single one of you for being a part of it and making it awesome!!


Looking forward to read more, travel more, live, love and laugh more in 2015 🙂 🙂 🙂

Beautiful Night

I know tomorrow is gonna be a b’ful morning
But we have our separate ways to walk
So take my hand n take my heart
‘coz i wanna live this moment forever
Tomorrow i’ll be a forgotton dream
Would you remember my name again?
This moment everything’s just fine
But tomorrow nothing’s gonna be same again
Like the footsteps in the sand
Either blown or washed away
My name n my existence in your life
Has the same destiny to meet
I dunno about tomorrow, but this moment is Mine
I’m happy and i feel divine
No one can take it away from me
It’s a Wonderful night, n it’s Mine
~*~*~ 06 Apr.08 — It’s indeed a b’ful night, wish it stayed forever! ~*~*~