Comfort or style?

There is always room for new shoes in a woman’s closet. What do we really think about when we go shopping for shoes – comfort or looks? In my case, I’m always flabbergasted at merely seeing the vast footwear collection, the style, the colors, the look, the design – so many to choose from. Unlike men’s footwear, women have plenty of color choice. Sneakers, flip-flops, wedges, stilettos, flats, canvas shoes, sport/gym shoes, pencil heels, sandals, boots & so on… I mean wow! And men still wonder why we take so long to shop?


My shoe-rack has loads of comfort footwear – flip-flops, Converse, sport shoes and flats. Yes I do love the stylish high heels & do have one. But oh boy! I remember the way my legs hurt when I wear them than remembering when I used them last. I love & do a lot of walking, travelling & so the flats/converse are always my first choice. I have some party queen friends who have awesome collection of high heels, stylish & shimmering footwear. Every time I see that I decide to go buy one of those kinds but what I end up buying instead is a comfy wear & I never regret that. Oh BTW, IndusDiva has some pretty cool collection of outfits to match with your footwear.



On your next (shoe) shopping spree don’t get swayed like me. Be a smart shopper & pick something that:

You need (occasion/reason)

You like (color, style, material, design, etc.)

Isn’t overpriced (you don’t want to shell out a fat wad of bill on just one item)

And most importantly – something which is super COMFORTABLE – do not compromise on this! After all it’s your money & you should get the best when you decide to spend it.