Happiness ensues

The west sky blazing orange – a spectacular exit of Helios today. Perhaps, nature’s way of saying “no matter how your day was, it’s over. This view is only for your eyes, watch!”
Before Sunset

Before sunset

Sure life is not easy. But it is beautiful. Perhaps you think it is easier said than done, but honestly – happiness ensues. Look around and happiness will certainly show itself to you.
After sunset

After sunset

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
~Rabindranath Tagore

Pictures from Travel Diary #7

This entry in the travel diary is one of the most unforgettable journeys – to the desert valley of the mighty Himalayas and to the lake of moon – Chandrataal (visited in September-October 2014).

I traveled and brought back with me the happy memories of blue skies, dusty brown mountains – some flaunting their snowy peaks, kindest people with warm smiles, scary and difficult roads, exhausting trek in dirt (no-tar) roads, camping in sub zero temperature, surreal landscape, cold mountain winds, night sky of zillion stars, musing meadows, mesmerizing blue-green waters of the lake of moon – their colors changing, casting spells and mirroring everything that touched it.

Left my heart behind in those mountains — left to return soon, very soon!

To Chandratal

Trek path to Chandrataal


Many colors at Chandrataal: Lake of moon

Pristine water

Beautiful reflections

Pictures from Travel Diary #6

Beach – one of my fav. getaway for a family vacation. Lapping waves, sparkling sand, vast shores…. dreams transforming into lovely sand castles, playful & salty giggles, falling, rising and getting drenched, the whispered words taken far away by the gushing breeze, a long walk holding hands, footprints embossed and washed away… beaches have something for everyone.

On one such family vacation, we went to Alibaug – a small coastal town in Maharashtra, India. It has about 5-6 beaches some are sandy, some rocky and others with giant waves. Traveling to Alibaug from Mumbai is hassle free, you can drive and reach the place in an hour or two. Catching a ferry or a train are other two options.

Everyone loves beach but this trip was especially fun as it was the first beach visit for my 1 and half year old nephew 🙂 and we were eager to see his actions, reactions, excitement, fear and every impact the beach was going to have on him. It indeed was  a great trip & everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sand patterns and shell

Photo courtesy: Gurudas

Picture(s) from Travel diary #5

I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything on the blog, and certainly a long time since the last picture from travel journal. That’s ‘cos sometimes I hadn’t traveled to any new place, or had no time (busier than I thought) & other times I was plain lazy!

Nevertheless, here I am posting about another beautiful place from a visit. Again, excuse me for the picture quality – I’m not a shutterbug, these are from a handy cell phone camera.

Located in Madhya Pradesh, India, at an altitude of 1000m, Amarkantak is a well known Hindu pilgrimage center. With many shrines, legends, beliefs and strong links to mythology it holds an important place in the Hindu society. Bordered by dense forests of three mountain ranges – Satpuras, Vindhya & Maikal and source for two large rivers – Narmada and Sone – the place is a feast for nature lovers.


Trek path into the woods of Amarkantak to reach the source of River Narmada


Dad leading us, he has taken up trekking 4000 KM for 3 years (2.3 years completed already! yayy)


Refreshing water spring in the woods

Picture(s) from Travel diary #4

Rain, rain & more rain… Monsoon reminds me of the beautiful weather I witnessed on a trip to Gujarat last year. A family trip to meet my dad turned out to be wonderful memorable trip. The continuous drizzle of the condensed droplets, no sun, dark & cloudy sky, cool breeze, water everywhere. A road trip in such a weather was a refreshing experience & of course meeting my dad added more happiness.

Change in the title: Since the weather was so beautiful, I couldn’t stop myself from clicking :p so am going to put more than one picture 🙂


Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat, India


The canal, Photo Courtesy: Gurudas


Faith! Photo Courtesy: Gurudas

Rain makes everything beautiful! Thank you God for showering beauty & happiness so generously 🙂

Beautiful Luna

Luna, Moon – Earth’s natural satellite: The moon rise today was beautiful! Here’s a collage of the images I clicked (excuse me for the clarity of the pix) The view was brilliant from my window, & I couldn’t help but click quickly. The whole scene of slender feathery leaves of the coconut tree swaying in the gentle breeze against the moon, slicing through – as viewed from my camera – was worth capturing.

The last one is my fav. Care to have a ‘Sliced orange moon pie’ for dessert? 😉