Pictures from Travel Diary #6

Beach – one of my fav. getaway for a family vacation. Lapping waves, sparkling sand, vast shores…. dreams transforming into lovely sand castles, playful & salty giggles, falling, rising and getting drenched, the whispered words taken far away by the gushing breeze, a long walk holding hands, footprints embossed and washed away… beaches have something for everyone.

On one such family vacation, we went to Alibaug – a small coastal town in Maharashtra, India. It has about 5-6 beaches some are sandy, some rocky and others with giant waves. Traveling to Alibaug from Mumbai is hassle free, you can drive and reach the place in an hour or two. Catching a ferry or a train are other two options.

Everyone loves beach but this trip was especially fun as it was the first beach visit for my 1 and half year old nephew 🙂 and we were eager to see his actions, reactions, excitement, fear and every impact the beach was going to have on him. It indeed was  a great trip & everyone enjoyed it thoroughly.

Sand patterns and shell

Photo courtesy: Gurudas


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