My Bucket List


(Part 1)

  1. Own a pet
  2. Start a blog
  3. Blog regularly
  4. Learn salsa
  5. Bake a cake
  6. Learn swimming
  7. Learn Spanish
  8. Learn to drive
  9. Cook mom’s fav. dish on her birthday
  10. Cook dad’s fav. dish on his birthday
  11. Swim with the dolphins
  12. Throw a dart on the world map and travel where it lands
  13. Visit all 7 continents
  14. Run a marathon
  15. Start a business (tiiinnyy)
  16. Dance under the stars
  17. See all major world monuments
  18. Go scuba diving
  19. Go on a multiple days trek/hike
  20. Trek in the Valley of flowers
  21. Get in better shape
  22. Stay a night in desert
  23. Travel to the Amazon rainforest
  24. Stay overnight in a forest
  25. Go on the African safari
  26. Go on a cruise
  27. Go backpacking in Europe
  28. Inca trail to Machu Picchu
  29. Watch the Northern lights
  30. Explore the Great Barrier Reef
  31. Travel to Scotland
  32. Stay a night on a mountain
  33. Climb a hill in rain
  34. Camp next to a waterfall in a rainforest
  35. Eat in a palace
  36. Have breakfast in bed
  37. Watch a sunrise from top of a mountain
  38. Watch sunset from top of a mountain
  39. Camp next to a lake
  40. Go hiking often
  41. Walk in the Grand canyon
  42. Mt. Everest base camp
  43. Travel to Iceland
  44. Go on a desert safari
  45. Elevator ride at Burj Khalifa
  46. Stay in a tree house
  47. Read all the books of my favorite author
  48. Get an article published in a magazine
  49. Meet my favorite author (at least one)
  50. Own a library
  51. Write a decent poem
  52. Write a decent short story
  53. Write more!
  54. Movie marathon
  55. Read Geeta, Bible & Quran
  56. Go to Disneyland
  57. Start a book club
  58. Write + publish a book
  59. Plant a tree
  60. Go on a road trip
  61. Have a coffee with fav. celebrity
  62. Learn cocktail-making
  63. Take spontaneous trip(s)
  64. Go to a live Ghazal concert
  65. Visit a friend abroad
  66. Volunteer to the forest department
  67. Bike in Ladakh
  68. Help a stranger
  69. Send a handwritten letter to someone close
  70. Go Parasailing
  71. Go paragliding
  72. Do white water rafting
  73. Go rappelling
  74. Find a perfect red lipstick
  75. Stargazing
  76. Go to a drive-in theater
  77. Kiss in the rain
  78. Walk on a beach with ‘him’
  79. Travel to the favorite place with ‘him’
  80. Write a poem for him
  81. Give a homeless a gift
  82. Go skydiving
  83. Complete the ‘secret’ task
  84. Time travel 😀
  85. Never stop dreaming!

The actual list in my diary is a tad bit longer than just 85 wishes(and keeps adding)…but I would spare you trouble 😉 but thanks for reading this one!

Tell me what tops your wish list? When are you striking it through?


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