What’s your excuse?

The gloominess a Sunday night brings is exactly opposite to the joy a Friday evening brings to me. Happy time of weekend is over & a back-to-work day is on its toes – duh! Of all the week days, poor Monday falls prey to everyone’s dislike.

‘At least’ for the first few hours at work on a Monday morning (read every Monday morning) – I am in no mood to work. My excuse? – Still getting into the right state of mind or in a process of churning-up-the-creative-juices (I work as a Creative writer). This is partially true – as writing does require one to get into a particular frame of mind – so my excuse works very well for me in all senses 😉

Now most of us go one step ahead of this and skip work on Mondays (I won’t lie, I am no exception). Surely it must be difficult to go to work after the weekend, I, of all the people will vouch for it wholeheartedly. No, I really like my job but I don’t like Mondays 😦

We all have heard of some really funny & creative excuses for not working on a Monday. Skipping office or coming to work but not working – either ways, what’s your excuse?


Source: Google images


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