Handsome Big Cats

Royal Stripey….Richard Parker?


White Bengal Tiger


Bannerghatta National Park, around 22 KM south of Bangalore, India is a home to these beautiful & rare animals. The Park houses Lion & Tiger Reserves of these massive, roaring big cats. The numbers are decreasing in an alarming rate, hope the remaining species grows & lives long & not falling into the extinct category like some of other members of their species. Loved watching & clicking them then, planning to visit them sometime soon.


2 thoughts on “Handsome Big Cats

  1. ohh this is the same place we went together and cldnt get into safari ride and came back…i hope we can go there again together and watch these amazing creatures there…
    Hope these cats dont get extinct and india takes up this issue more seriously and acts upon it!


  2. Yes the same place. These photos are from a safari with another friend. We’ll try n get their glimpse when you are here next 🙂 Oh yes! How I wish everyone takes up the issue more seriously!!


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