The Love-hate relationship

Damn! My elbow pushed the glass of water kept on the desk & tumbled over the sheets spread across. The sheets were the sketches I had prepared after Titanic efforts and then, there I was holding the dripping sheets with a mix of emotions – irritation, anger, anxiety, tension, hopelessness…Darn!  I hate water!!

Buried neck deep in work for long hours, running around all day, pushing & making my way through the crowd at Metro & finally being home after a long-long journey. The first thing I do? Needless to say, help myself with a glass of water – feels like heaven, soothing the parched throat…. Ah! I love water!!

Hmm… so it boils down to the fact that I have an everlasting love-hate relationship with the Oxygen & Hydrogen atoms.


The divine smell of wet soil with the first rain of the year, a long walk in the light drizzle, a cool sip after a spicy bite.The beaches, rivers & cascades. The hot shower in chilly winters & cold in burning summers. The rain drops & ripples in the puddles. The artistic dew drops on glass blades …things like this and I’m insanely in love with Water.

Now for the hate-story :

I’m on my way for something important & it rains… it not only ruins my hair, clothes & every damn thing in my bag but also my day. When there’s no water in the faucet – can’t tell you how irritating it gets. It rains day & night – messing up the roads, the transport systems, etc. The zigzag rain deprives the laundry to be hung on the clothesline outside. And the moist & damp weather restrains them from drying inside the house. Oh there’s more – in case your denims get drenched, you get to use them again only when the rain subsides. The time it takes to dry is directly proportional to the damp stink it accumulates.

Nevertheless, I enjoy this love-hate relationship. It adds variety to the otherwise dry life. And why wouldn’t it? Water – it’s the very essence of life.

Next time it rains – remember when the sunlight pierces the raindrop, look up above & follow the rainbow – you may find the pot of gold at the end of it! You never know.



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