Mile Sur Mera Tumhara

I was searching some material for my animation studies on Youtube when I came across ‘it’. I was at the start of a circle again and it began…a journey into the past. A faint smile appeared on my face, something twitched at the heart, and my childhood days were back. I wanted to go back to that time and hold all the memories close to my heart. The television industry of India in late eighties was one of my prized memories from childhood. I haven’t been so happy and emotional at the same time.

I sat for hours searching for all that I could get my hands on. The Door Darshan anthem, Ek-anek commercial, Malgudi days, He-man and of course Mile sur mera tumhara. Oh how much I love them all! I must have been in primary (in 2 or 3 std, maybe) when these were aired; all the memories came rushing with a great force. How we all used to wait impatiently for the Door Darshan to start. Unlike today, where there are n numbers of channels, you just had the Door Darshan then… the very first of its kind, as we all know. So of course one can guess the amount of pleasure, fun, eagerness, excitement it planted in you. We being toddlers were not allowed to touch the T.V. so we were the most impatient and eager of the lot. I remember we had a black & white TV set and it was beautiful!  I remember very few houses had TV sets and those who had, had b&w sets. Usually there would be a TV set at one house and all the neighborhood would gather there…that’s the unity and integrity that Door Darshan taught! Then there it goes, at somewhere about 5 or 5.30pm, the Door Darshan would begin!  The music still rings in my ears 🙂 giving a nostalgic feeling.

Door Darshan would be on for sometime in the morning or afternoon as well but only for some time. We would be either off to school or sleeping so I don’t remember much of that. Whatever would be aired on DD (as it was called) we would sit glued and watch without missing even a tiny bit. Be it news or commercial or serial or whatever. There was DD news, there was He-man, Giant Robot, Chitrahar, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Surabhi, Jungle book (I loved that), Potli baba ki and the most loved educational commercial, national integrity commercials… and soo many more. Buland bharat ki buland tasveer, hamara bajaj… Jab main chhota ladka tha, badi shararat karta tha… and I love you Rasna…Lijjat papad…Phew!! I remember them all… wow! I remember most of the TV commercials, most of the program title tracks and story lines and characters and I bet I would remember them all my life. Unlike today’s commercials which no one would remember after 25-30 years simply because there are many of the kind today. The uniqueness of DD is just one of its kinds. DD would be on only for a certain time and then would be go off air (I don’t know what would it be termed as because today all the channels run 247!) Those were the days! I remember every bit of that pleasure, that excitement, it has me euphoric. Everything DD aired at that time was meaningful, thoughtful, taught us something, and gave extreme pleasure!

The television world today can never create the same magic. Its just a thing to cherish. Of course I thank a million to the technology today as I got all that stuff on internet. But it is very truly said ‘old is gold’ and the coming generations would never experience that. I know every generation has something of its own and something to take with it but I just feel technology has made it all too simple, which is good in a way but you can’t deny some excitement is missing in it. My generation which has witnessed how life changed with the turning point in technology will only be too blissful to have experienced both the sides by standing at the turning point. I am in a great mood since yesterday and I am sure this elated feeling is going to last for a long time. And of course this same feeling will come to me when I’ll think about DD, even after many years from now. Today there may be hundreds of channels but it would never give me the same feeling as DD used to. And I am more than sure it has the same effect on all those who have grown up seeing DD, to remember, to feel, to see and re-live those wonderful days.


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