Swings of uncertainty

I find it extremely amusing to see how life changes overnight. I get up in the morning to see the whole world around me changed. People changed, lives changed, fates changed, stories changed, relations changed, thoughts changed, faiths changed, almost everything around me is changed. Its no more the way it was yesterday. But then can’t help thinking, is it them who’ve changed or is it me? Or rather, is it me who’s NOT changed? What is it? Could it be possible that the whole world changed, while I was sleeping, leaving me just the way I am? Am I not a part of it, too? Instead, is it possible that only I changed, went beyond the world, the time, leaving them all far behind? But if I am a part of the change, then why am I the only one changing? And if I am a part of the change too, why don’t I feel  the change in me? So what is it? Apparently, things are changing drastically around me, leaving me totally baffled, not for good or bad. Its just the change that’s bothering me. Not that I am disturbed by the changes in great deal but that… I didn’t see that coming! More than that, its me who’s responsible for the changes in some or the other way, but well, I dint see that coming either! The mind just keeps swinging back and forth to this and so many other unsure things those keep happening at the back of my mind. This swing of uncertainly, this flow of thought, will have to subside soon. But I am also aware that some thoughts never die, wonder what keeps them alive? Is it not me who is helping these thoughts achieve the immortality that they’ve attained? And wonder why I let that happen?

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