My wings are weak, or I’ve forgotten to fly

Can’t remember what’s it like to be in the blue sky
Can’t feel the touch of the first drop of rain
Can’t remember how the wet soil smells….

Something strange tugs at the heart-strings
reminding me of all that’s lost in the last spring
all the hurts & pain seem to be diminished
Infinite thoughts struggling to be unleashed….

The aura is faded, the spirit is jaded
Shades of all blues is what now pervaded
Is this true or just another illusion
Can’t help this feeling of being cocooned ….

Want to break free & let the time unwind
Want to bury all the heart-aches behind
Let it be heard loud without another sigh
Just spread the wings broader & fly really high……..



One thought on “Cocooned

  1. i knw i can fly… but i prefferd to walk..walk under my past…walk under that fly what i did..walk under those days…walk undeer that height..walk under that care..walk under your protection..walk under you..i knw i can fly but i want to only see you..i knw u r with me i wanna feel u…..always always always


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