As If There’s No Tomorrow

Hold  On To Me Tonite, Dont Stop Talking
Wanna Know You More, Haven’t Felt This Way Before
You’re Here, Am Here, In This Silent Night
Just Wanna Be With You, Forever n Ever
Want To Hold Your Hands, n Walk For Miles Together
Want To Be With You Like Never Before
You Made Me Laugh, You Made Me Cry
Yet Every Moment Was A Blissful Delight
I Wish This Night Never Ends
Want To Hold Onto It Every Second
A Night Like This, Will Never Come Again
We’re Here This Moment, Can’t The Time Just Stop Tonite?
Yes, There’s Something ‘Magical’ About This Night
Seems Like A Dream, But Oh! It True
Want To Live This Dream n Forget All Sorrows
Want To Live This Night As If There’s No Tomorrow………!!!!!!
~*~*~ 06 Apr. – Magical Moments of the silent night ~*~*~

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