Heart felt

Cant help wondering why things have to be terrible at the end of something good?? Last week had been to Hyderabad, a 4-day outing from Institute. It was a visit to Ramoji Film city, RVML(a Production house) & a little in-an-around the city trip. Things were going absolutely smooth and fine, made some new friends (atlast! Yogini got some friends in B’lore!!) Memories of college days were back, had a great time, enjoyed a great deal. Dhammal in the bus, silly jokes, endless laughter, harmless teasing, all in all a great fun. Things were going absolutely fine but yes there was something wierd about this happiness. It was shadowed by a dismay. Just as i was about to get happier, this had to happen — I found my cellphone missing! Yes, now one might think, whats the big deal? But yes that is a big deal – this cell was not just a cell, it was a gift, a gift from Rups on my last b’day. It hasnt even been a year since she gifted me this. I cant afford to lose it! No! I cant. It was not just a cell, it was her love for me. Ofcourse i cant afford to lose that. But the truth was i had lost it! We searched the whole bus. I hated this – but everyone aboard was frisked too! But couldnt avoid the fact – I had lost it! Forever! I may get the same model from market but it would never be the same again. I just cant tell how i felt at that point of time, i just couldnt control myself & tears welled-up my eyes. Some may have thought am over-reacting, but it wasnt just about a cellphone – it was about "that" cellphone. An hour passed by, two hours, three hours – I still had a thin ray of hope that i will get it back. I so wished someone’s playing a prank & very soon everyone would laugh & tell me, "Here, your phone,we were having some fun". I dont mind if they laugh today, all i was hoping that i would get my phone back. But – I never got it back. Its a week now, i miss my phone. I still feel sad whenever i see that model in someone else’s  hand. I have never lost a thing – and a gift? never! Why did this happen now. Everyone tells me its ok, it happens … but no its not ok, it shouldnt have happened… But the truth is sad – i just cant do anything about it, nothing can be done now – not anymore.
As though this wasnt enough, things had to be even more worse for me. Was supposed to have my convocation next month. All plans made, all visits planned, all tickets booked, day before yesterday got to know that the DD which i made to pay the convo.fee is rejected! Dont know for what good reason? Government offices, ten phone numbers, several calls, no answers, number busy, curt replies, brisk answers, unfriendly people … and the outcome – not permitted to attend convocation – have to wait till the next year! I so waited for this moment only to learn – another long year to wait! Why cant there be atleast one day which is normal?? If something’s happening good, why it has to be followed by something disturbing?? Hmm… but i guess this is life!! Life – I dont quite understand you, but i guess thats how it is – to understand you is not the destination to reach but what matters is the path on which i walk. Hope the path doesnt get too worse as there’s a long way to go!

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