Christmas Magic

It was a night before Christmas, dark and cold
I sat all by myself, sobbing n wondering
wondering why did i trust him…?
My phone rang, his name flashing on the screen 
We werent talking to each other
from quiet sometime – the same old misunderstanding
He was at work, still
We spoke for about an hour
I wasnt willing to understand anything atall
And he wasnt ready to give up on me
He had a hard time convincing me
But finally he did .. !!
I blushed at his flirtatious comments
And laughed at his stupid jokes
There! he knows exactly
what to do when am angry..
and bring back a smile on my face.
Yes! Christmas magic works
yes! Christmas brings happiness
I got my gift – i got him back
back in my life – life looks b’ful now
I dont know whether Santa is a myth or true
But for me its none other than YOU !!
~ A very sweet christmas for me 🙂 . . . Thanx !!

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